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Goal: Provide timely and cost effective training to implement new regulations and best follow practices. 


Continue to offer an outstanding annual conference that provides training and a forum for the exchange of ideas. 

Continue to offer annual fundamentals training at the most reasonable possible rate, but no less than break-even. 

On at least a biannual basis, offer a pre-conference workshop. 

Explore the option of expanding Summer Institute by offering mid-level training for financial aid practitioners that have been in the field for 3-5 years. 

Keep our members, their institutions, and organizations at the forefront of regulatory changes, best practices of the profession, and enhancing professional and personal growth. 

Goal: Develop training for nonmembers that permits them to benefit from the expertise of MASFAA members. 


Offer training webinars on a quarterly basis commencing as soon as possible but no later than October 2015. 

Provide training on financial aid as well as develop and share tools to provide information that will enhance the knowledge of others in order to better understand the role congress, state legislators, high school personnel and other post-secondary professionals play in the development, growth and learning of students and development of aid programs and regulations. 

Goal: Create financial aid leadership development to prepare members for greater responsibilities in the financial aid profession. 


Assist in filling crucial financial aid office vacancies, MASFAA Board leadership roles, as well as those of our states and NASFAA. 

Offer the MASFAA Leadership symposium each year to MASFAA members interested in advancing their careers. 

Goal: Determine most effective method and schedule of communication with members to ensure their needs are being met. 


Create a MASFAA Blog that allows members to post aid related questions, information and activity dates by October, 2015 to coincide with our membership year. Once established, promote this Blog as the go to site for MASFAA information. 

Continually evaluate, update and review best practice forms of communication, social media tools, and blogs. Ensure the access and training for members to utilize these forms of communication. 

Goal: Sensitize, educate, and engage members and non-members within the MASFAA region to issues related to post-secondary education access, inclusion, and diversity. 


Actively encourage volunteers that reflect the diversity within the MASFAA region. 

Facilitate training within or in addition to the annual conference that focuses on access, inclusion, and diversity issues in post-secondary education. 


MASFAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

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