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annual scholarship programs


The MASFAA Executive Board is pleased to announce that the Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) is again offering 9 conference scholarships to MASFAA members, one scholarship per member state. This scholarship is intended to cover the registration cost of our upcoming Annual Conference.

MASFAA would like to encourage members to attend and participate in the conference by offering this scholarship support to those who may not otherwise be able to attend. The scholarship is intended to assist members who have financial constraints which preclude MASFAA conference attendance. Applicants must be a current MASFAA member at time of application.

The MASFAA Conference Scholarship Application can be found on the MASFAA web site in the “online forms” section. If you are aware of any MASFAA member who may need assistance with the costs of the October conference, please encourage him or her to apply – or you may nominate this individual.

Applications must be received no later than August 15 and should be submitted to the Professional Development Chair.

P.S. Scholarship recipients will be selected and all applicants will be notified by September 10 to allow time to arrange travel. We encourage you to utilize this resource so that you too can join us.


At the 2003 Annual Conference, Past-President Zina Haywood presented MASFAA with a check intended to cover the 2004 Annual Conference registration and membership dues for one person of color. A commitment has been made by the Haywood family to continue this scholarship during her lifetime, stressing the importance of MASFAA involvement in her professional development.

This scholarship is called the Haywood Legacy Scholarship in recognition of the donor. The scholarship is awarded to one person of color annually in the following manner: 1) Recommendation to MASFAA President from the Summer Institute faculty receiving first priority for receipt; 2) If no recommendation is forthcoming from Summer Institute faculty, the MASFAA President will make the award based upon recommendations from State Presidents and/or other members. MASFAA will provide funding for lodging, to make this award equivalent to the other attendance scholarship already in place.

Leadership Symposium State Sponsorship

Leadership Symposium is an annual event held in conjunction with Summer Institute with a focus on fostering future leaders for MASFAA, state associations, and campuses. Each year, every MASFAA state may select one participant to be sponsered by MASFAA for the Leadership Symposium. The sponsorship will cover the cost of event participation and a double room. Please contact your state president for more information. 


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