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The Committee of the Year Award is a very high award given annually to the members of a committee or task force. The purpose is to recognize those who performed in an outstanding fashion and the award is presented to every member of the committee. Consideration for this award is given to any MASFAA Committee or Task Force for a special function, conference, project, or workshop during the President's term in office. The committee or task force selected for the award have made a contribution to the betterment of MASFAA in a manner which is unique or truly significant and brings distinction to the group as a result. Prior award recipients are listed below.

 Conference Program and Local Arrangements

 2023Keri Gilbert (Co-Chair) Heidi Johnson (Co-Chair), Lisa Bridgewater (Co-Chair), Alex DeLonis (Co-Chair), 

Diversity and Inclusion

Brian Drabik (Co-Chair), Christopher Johnson (Co-Chair), Lisa Bridgewater, Mershawn Gayden, Marchello Johnson, Sara Lambie, Kari Lenz, Dena Norris, and Manda Riley 


Summer Institute and Leadership Symposium

Amy Hager (Co-Chair), Kevin McShane (Co-Chair), Josephine Cassar, Ryan Czech, Matt Falduto, Steven Foster, Leo Hertling, Jayme Jarrett, Tim Opgenorth, Brittany Peterson, Susan Teerink, Melissa Van Meter, and Megan Watson 



Conference Program

Betsy Johnson (Co-Chair), Sue Swisher (Co-Chair), Anne Dahlen, Melissa Harper, Emily Haynam, Leo Hertling, Sue Minzlaff, Steve Queisser, Craig Slaughter, Aaron Steffens, and Miranda Wilkie


 Professional Development

Keyimani Alford (Co-Chair), Karla Weber (Co-Chair), Katherine Allen, Krissy Bhaumik, Jo Levine, Dena Norris, Cori Splain, and Tyler Wade


 Summer Institute and Leadership Symposium

Stephanie Petch (Co-Chair), Jennifer Schroeder (Co-Chair), Kim Bennett, Krissy Bhaumik, Jo Cassar, Steven Foster, Keri Gilbert, Danielle Hayden, Shanta James, Nicole Martinez, Charles "Buddy" Mayfield, Val Meyers, Chad Olson, Melissa Porter, Manda Riley, Kelsey Ryder, and Melissa Van Meter


 Membership Services

Matthew Kearney (Chair), Sara Even, Casey Herman, April Mason, Timothy Marten, Toni Robinson, and Aaron Steffens


 Communications and Electronic Initiatives

Jayme Jarrett (Chair), Crystal Baker, Krissy Bhaumik, Felicia Drayton, Keri Gilbert, Melissa Haberman, Chandra Owen, David Peterson, Aesha Williams, and Scott Young


 Conference Local Arrangements

Crystal Bruntz (Co-Chair), Nick Prewett (Co-Chair), Wendy Carter, Becca Diskin, Sara Edwards, Amy Hager, Susan Hartnagel, Matthew Kearney, Charles "Buddy" Mayfield, Dena Norris, Will Shaffner, Jessica Thyfault, and Scott Young

 Conference Program

Jana Albrecht (Co-Chair), Gisella Baker (Co-Chair), Katherine Allen, Gena Boling, Alicia Frey, Rachel Hagen, Leo Hertling, Anne Kaluza, Jennifer Sassman, Mary Shaw, and Karla Weber


 Professional Development

Heidi Carl (Chair), Keyimani Alford, Triena Bodart, Pamela Fowler, Nick Prewett, Marvin Smith, and Karla Weber


 Long Range Strategic Planning Task Force

Rick Shipman (Chair), Richard Battig, Charles "Buddy" Mayfield, Darla Palmer, and Lori Vedder


 Federal Issues

Michelle Curtis (Co-Chair), Marvin Smith (Co-Chair), Susan Brady, Todd Everett, Ean Freels, Diane Lambart Fleming, Paula Luff, Val Meyers, Margaret Rodriguez, Kathleen Sahlhoff, and Will Shaffner


 Conference Program

Amanda Fijal (Chair), Jana Albrecht, Bob Anderson, Justin Brown, Julie Finn, Sondra Fonville, Sara Beth Holman, Janet Ingargiola, Jayme Jarrett, Elaine Kinloch, Tim Kremer, Jamie Peterson, Nick Prewett,  Brandi Stone-Miller, and Julie Wonderlin


 Summer Institute

Candi Frazier (Chair), Jo Cassar, Vickie Crupper, Pam Fowler, Leo Herting, JoAnn Ross, Michiale Schneider


 Summer Institute

Vickie Crupper (Chair), Jason Crowe, Pam Fowler, Candi Frazier, Leo Hertling, and JoAnn Ross


 Conference Local Arrangements 

Nichole Lien (Chair)


 Conference Program

Cappy Breuer (Chair)


 Conference Local Arrangements

Jason Reinoehl (Co-Chair), Michiale Schneider (Co-Chair)


 Summer Institute

DeLores Hawkins (Co-Chair), JoAnn Ross (Co-Chair)


 Conference Local Arrangements

Pam Fowler (Co-Chair), Leo Hertling (Co-Chair)


 Conference Program

Candi Frazier (Co-Chair), JoAnn Ross (Co-Chair)



Lois Mulbrook (Chair)


 Conference Local Arrangements

Candi Frazier (Chair)


 Summer Institute

Mary Lynn Perri (Chair)


 Conference Program

Susan Fischer (Co-Chair), JoAnn Ross (Co-Chair)


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