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MASFAA Membership FAQ

Below you will find answers, and resources, for common questions regarding membership with MASFAA. 

What does a MASFAA membership get me?

Access to MASFAA Matters webinars; unlimited postings on the MASFAA Job Board; monthly MASFAA Moments newsletters containing information from around the region including state updates, committee tidbits, and more; ability to volunteer for MASFAA committees; exchange of ideas/networking with your colleagues; a strong, well-respected voice with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA); membership rates to our annual conference held in various Midwest cities; web access and inclusion in the MASFAA directory; professional and personal growth; involvement and training opportunities, and more!

What is the cost and how are the groups decided?

Membership tiers are based on student FTE as reported on IPEDS. Below are the costs associated with each tier:

1 - 4,999 students: $150

5,000 - 14,999 students: $275

15,000+ students: $400

Associations/Organizations: $400

What is the voting structure?

Each institution, association, or organization will have one vote. The individual who will hold voting rights is to be decided by each institution, association, or organization. 

What is a bundle and who is the bundle administrator?

A bundle is the name we use for your institutional list of members. The bundle administrator will be the person who is able to add and remove members to, or from, the institutional bundle. They will also be the person who will cast votes on behalf of the institution. Not sure who your bundle administrator is? Head over to your profile, and the bundle administrator will be shown at the top of the page. Don't see the below banner? Congratulations! You're the bundle administrator. 

We need to change the bundle administrator for our institution. How can we do that?

E-mail your request to the Chair(s) of the Membership Services Committee for assistance. 

How do I add or remove people to, or from, my bundle?

Please use these instructions.

Have any questions? Please contact a member of the Membership Services Committee


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